ISE Mercury

ISE MercuryTM uses our proven technology platform to service a segment of the options market not currently active on ISE or ISE Gemini. Our goal is to reach broadly across market segments and to deliver innovative trading functionality, superior customer service, and competitive fees to different constituencies in the industry through our three exchanges. ISE Mercury builds upon the success of ISE and ISE Gemini and expands our customer base and extends our value proposition.

Join ise Mercury

Mercury Application Process

Step 1:

1a) Current ISE Members Complete the Waive-in Membership Application:

Membership Waive-In Application*

*Only one application is required per entity to apply for each membership type.

1b) Non-ISE members complete the Mercury Membership Application:

Mercury Membership Application

ISE Mercury Membership types are the same as ISE membership types:

  • Primary Market Maker (PMM)
  • Competitive Market Maker (CMM)
  • Electronic Access Member (EAM)


Step 2: All Applicants must complete the following documents:

  1. Membership Access Agreement
  2. Clearing Authorization (only required for non self-clearing entities):
  3. Contact Information Form


Step 3: Complete additional documentation, if applicable:

  1. PrecISE Trade users must complete the Amendment to Software License Agreement
  2. Market Data feed subscribers must complete the Market Data Order Form
  3. All Market Makers must complete the DTR Authorization Form
  4. FIX users must complete the ISE Mercury FIX Configuration Form

Please return completed documentation to: memberprocessing@ise.com


Additional ISE Mercury Information:

Industry Codes
Industry Source ISE Mercury ISE Gemini ISE
OPRA Code  J H I
Thomson Exchange Identifier -K -S -Y
Thomson Reuters Exchange Code ISJ ISZ ISO
Thomson Reuters RIC Extension .I3 .I2 .Y
Thomson Exchange Qualifier K S 8
Bloomberg Exchange Code UJ  UI UL
Bluesheet Requester Code  I I I
Bluesheet Exchange Code  2 1 I
Market-Q Exchange Qualifier  =J =H =I
Market-Q Exchange Mnemonic  MCRY GEM ISE
Livevol Code  22 31 6

To learn more about ISE Mercury, please contact ISE Business Development at 212-897-8171 or bizdev@ise.com. For a full list of contacts for ISE Mercury click here.

ISE Mercury Member Volume Program (MVP)

• Rebate incentive program for Priority Customer Orders
• Priority Customer rebates are retroactive to the first contract traded
• All Priority Customer traded contracts that are preferenced and/or affiliated with a Member count towards ADV tiers.

ISE Mercury Summarized Fee Schedule

ISE Mercury Official Fee Schedule