ISE's approach has always been to offer members a variety of connectivity options to meet their particular trading needs. As speed and execution times have become increasingly critical, we offer both traditional non-low-latency connectivity and premium access offering that will provide ultra-low-latency connectivity to the T7 platform, relative to the standard DTI and MDI interfaces.

Members that use a service bureau to provide a FIX interface to ISE's options exchanges are also connected to all three exchanges at the telecommunication level by the service bureau that provides the FIX interface. Members that do not use a service bureau can use either an extranet provider, Equinix NY4 collocation, VPN/GRE Tunnel or Internet (PrecISE Only). More information regarding connectivity and requirements for different membership types is available by signing up for our Members Area. A list of ISE approved providers is also available.


The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is a series of messaging specifications for the electronic communication of trade-related messages. FIX has been developed through the collaboration of banks, broker-dealers, exchanges, industry utilities and associations, institutional investors, and information technology providers from around the world.

FIX is the industry-driven messaging standard that is changing the face of the global financial services sector, as firms use the protocol to transact in an electronic, transparent, cost-efficient and timely manner. FIX is open and free, but it is not software. Rather, FIX is a specification around which software developers can create commercial or open-source software as they see fit. As the market's leading trade-communications protocol, FIX is integral to many order management and trading systems. Yet, its power is unobtrusive, as users of these systems can benefit from FIX without knowing the language itself.

A member can use the FIX protocol to access ISE's options exchanges through either vendor-provided software, an order-routing service bureau, or their own proprietary interface application. Members using their own FIX interface applications connect directly to ISE's Order Routing System (IORS). More information regarding connecting via FIX is available on our Members Area.


ISE's Direct Trading Interface (DTI) is the binary trading interface to the core trading system. Members and third-party software vendors may develop trading applications that communicate directly to the exchange system. All applications developed to interact with ISE’s DTI must be certified. A number of third-party API developers have written customized applications to ISE's options exchanges. A list of ISE-certified third-party developers is also available. More information regarding connecting via DTI is available on our Members Area.


ISE’s PrecISE Trade® is an award-winning front-end order and execution management system for trading options and stock-option combinations. PrecISE provides traders with the ability to submit, monitor, alter, and cancel orders; display the NBBO and BBO of options at ISE and ISE Gemini; and route orders to all options exchanges via Execution Brokers. PrecISE is installed on a desktop and connects to ISE’s options exchanges’ via the Internet using SSL security, extranet providers, or direct connectivity. More information regarding connecting via PrecISE is available in the Members Area of the website.  

If you have any questions regarding Connectivity to ISE options exchanges, please contact Joe Maresca at or 1-212-897-8158.

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