ISE Mercury Membership Documentation

Included below are a number of available downloads for parties interested in becoming a Member of ISE Mercury. All necessary forms can be uploaded through the website here

Fee Schedule

Information about ISE Mercury fees can be found in the Schedule of Fees.

Application Process

All broker-dealers seeking trading privileges with ISE Mercury must complete a Member Application.

Information on the membership application process can be found in the ISE Mercury Application Process Document.

Current ISE members complete the Waive-in Membership Application (Only one application is required per entity to apply for each membership type).

Sponsored Customers

As a member firm, you also have the opportunity to sponsor customers with access to ISE Mercury.

Sponsored customers can either connect directly to the exchange or enter through existing infrastructure. The sponsored customer will be set up as a distinct user group and can have trading restrictions put on their account.

Trading for Sponsored Customers

  • The submitted orders belong to the ISE Mercury member sponsoring the access.
  • The sponsoring member may set risk control parameters on the customer’s trading activity and have supervisory PrecISE terminals to monitor activity.
  • The sponsoring member is responsible for all customer executions.
  • All fees/charges associated with a sponsored customer are billed to the ISE Mercury member, not the sponsored customer.

To sign up a sponsored customer, please read and fill out the following forms:

Please return all Sponsored Customer Documents to: Ronan Cahill, Legal & Regulatory Associate, International Securities Exchange 60 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004, Fax: (212) 426-4926