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On February 3, 2010, ISE and Hanweck Associates, LLC, a premier financial-services provider specializing in high-performance risk management and trading solutions for institutional investors, announced that ISE made a minority investment in Hanweck.

The investment followed a successful expansion of Hanweck real-time, low-latency options analytics feed, VoleraFEED™, to vendor platforms including ACTIV Financial, Interactive Data and SpryWare. In partnership with Interactive Data, Hanweck also released Options Volatility Service™, an historical, end-of-day options and analytics database service. Hanweck continues to push the envelope in high-performance computing with the release of its VoleraAPI™, which opens the power of the Volera™ GPU-based engine to financial engineers and developers.

ISE followed up with a second investment in Hanweck in March 2012. Succeeding that was the launch of Premium Hosted Database (PhD) a fully managed, high quality tick database.

Hanweck’s VoleraFEED currently delivers real-time, low-latency implied volatilities and Greeks to ISE and ISE Gemini's award-winning front-end order and execution management system, PrecISE. You can find out more about Hanweck's products by clicking here

For more information about Hanweck, please visit their website at http://www.hanweck.com/. Additional information about the transaction is available in the ISE/Hanweck Associates announcement.